Shanghai Cwopto Technology Co.,Ltd. is a technical service company in the photoelectric sector, high energy density physics, diamond synthesis and applications, PVD and CVD vacuum coating system. Our motto is: “import international high technical products, provide first-class technical services”. We have strong cooperative relationships with related companies from Europe, America and Japan. We also cooperate closely with customers from Chinese research institutes, famous universities and companies. Our business activities are: Optical software and instruments:  simulation software for DOE, HOE, grating, solid-state laser, fiber laser, semiconductor laser as well as BSDF/BRDF (light scattering measuring instrument), solar simulator and I-V measurements. diamond synthesis and applications:MPCVD, HFCVD system for single crystal / microcrystalline / nanocystalline diamond synthesis, as well as applications solution such as particle / X-ray / UV detector, IR...


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