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Shanghai Cwopto Technology Co.,Ltd. is a technical service company in the photoelectric sector, high energy density physics, diamond synthesis and applications, PVD and CVD vacuum coating system. Our motto is: “import international high technical products, provide first-class technical services”. We have strong cooperative relationships with related companies from Europe, America and Japan. We also cooperate closely with customers from Chinese research institutes, famous universities and companies. Our business activities are:

Optical software and instruments:  simulation software for DOE, HOE, grating, solid-state laser, fiber laser, semiconductor laser as well as BSDF/BRDF (light scattering measuring instrument), solar simulator and I-V measurements.

diamond synthesis and applications:MPCVD, HFCVD system for single crystal / microcrystalline / nanocystalline diamond synthesis, as well as applications solution such as particle / X-ray / UV detector, IR / laser / RF / MW / THz applications, metallization and brazing service (diamond/sapphire with metal) etc. We also supply laser cutting machine, diamond polishing machine.

Vacuum Coating systems: UHV sputter, e-beam evaporator, IBD / IBAD / MBE / CBE / MOMBE / GSMBE for thin film materials. Ion Beam Sputtering system, Ion milling system, RIBE, CAIBE, Etching system. Those system can be used for superconducting Qubit, any metal and oxides film manufacturing and treatment.

High Energy Density Physics: simulation software for plasma spectroscopy, atomic physics, hydrodynamics, radiation physics and heat transfer, fluid, FDTD PIC code. Plasma diagnostic tools such as MW interferometer/reflectometer, Laser interferometer. 

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry: AMS Carbon Dating System, Automatic Graphitization System, Carbonate Handing system, Gas Interface Systrem, Pneumatic Sample Press, Ferrum Dispenser, Tube Sealing Equipment, Gas Ionization Detector.

Shanghai Cwopto Technology Co.,Ltd. locates in China economic and high tech capital, Shanghai. We are close to many large electronic and automotive manufacturers, as well as major universities.